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    Why I Almost Deleted My Blog

    These past few months have been hard. Finishing my semester, moving back across the country, working remotely while applying for a new job. All of this while trying to reconnect with my long, lost family in Arizona. I was physically and emotionally drained.

    During this timeframe, I kept telling myself that I was just taking a break from blogging. The truth was that I didn’t feel like a blogger anymore.  I built my blog around the fact that I was a transplant from Arizona and now residing in Maryland. But that fact was no longer true.

    I felt like I lost my identity as a blogger. I felt so lost and discouraged that I even told D to go ahead and disable my blog. He refused (one of the many reasons I love him). He reminded me about how excited I was to start the blog and encourage me to keep at it. I am grateful for that moment because it allowed me to do some thinking about what originally excited me about blogging.

    While I still have no idea what my blog will be focused upon I am excited to figure it out. I decided on 3 things to reconnect with myself and the reason why I started blogging.

    New Space

    I decided that since my blogger was gaining a new identity that it should have a new look. So I found a new website design and had it installed.

    New Focus

    Instead of dwelling on what my blog was about previously. I am now choosing to focus on what is going on my life now. Sometime down the line, I will narrow it down to a niche. Till then I am enjoying being able to write what I want and not worry if it’s on target.

    New Management

    Before I would write a post, publish it and occasionally promote it on social media. After doing some reading and research, I learn how to manage my blog better. I now have a system and schedule. I also make sure to engage with others, promote on a regular basis and actually use my social media consistently. I also joined some Facebook groups that provide tips, encouragement, and engagement.


    These past few months, I have actually looked forward to blogging. It is hard to believe that I ever considered deleting it before.

    Was there ever a moment where you considered deleting your blog? What were factors that lend to you deleting or keeping your blog?